Shooting For the Peak? Use Our “Terminal Set Up”

A spiraling tape form a channel

Now that the S&P 500 has reached the 2000 level, investors and traders are becoming more comfortable with the idea that prices will simply continue higher, for years. On the bear side we hear the argument about the extreme levels of optimism which should reverse the market big time. Who is right? For sure, a trader pays attention to something else.

Yen Weakens Again, More to Come

illustration: JPY bank note detail with zeros

We’ve talked about the bigger picture yen count before. Mainly that a major bull market in yen (bear market in USDJPY) was completed at the 2011 low. Now, I think that the new bull market is headed to the 125-150, and beyond. A portfolio manager friend of mine has a target of “infinity” for yen Yen Weakens Again, More to Come

Aussie Dollar: Larger Correction Complete

The AUD/USD, and Aussie dollar generally, has been one of the weaker currencies in the world since its 2011 top. But, it seems that is about to change, so let’s take a closer look at the action over the past couple of years. First, a five wave rally was completed into the July 2011 top, Aussie Dollar: Larger Correction Complete

S&P 500 at 2000 – How high can it go?

crosshair on the weekly S&P 500 chart

A popular topic lately is the discussion of the bull market in US stocks now that the S&P 500 is at 2000. How much further might it go? We have already covered the process we would like to see before we change from bullish to bearish in a previous post about how to identify a trend change. Personally, as a trader I S&P 500 at 2000 – How high can it go?