From Dow to Broccoli

The broccoli is a nice example of a fractal image in nature, repeating itself in self-similarity at varying scales

At the end of the 1800s Charles Dow’s market theory had already included some hints about the three phases of market trends. Deliberately I use the word “hint,” because his principles are formulated much too vaguely to build an active trading strategy with. According to Dow, the first phase is a slow up leg governed From Dow to Broccoli

Gold Weakness Should be Bought

Gold has been in a sideways pattern since its mid-2013 low. First, let’s cover the near term action on the daily chart (below). A secondary bottom formed in late December 2013, from which a rally ensued and topped in late March 2014 in C or 1. From there, we see a corrective decline with a Gold Weakness Should be Bought