Trading the imperfect double top – PART I.

The double top is not a reversal pattern

When it comes to the chart pattern of double tops, traders often look for perfection. I would like to advise against perfection; and, instead, introduce how to search for the taste of a “good enough pattern.” Imagine that prices progress in an uptrend and then suddenly find resistance. Prices pull backs then turns north again, Trading the imperfect double top – PART I.

Trend Division Line

The web of lines in trading - an SPX case study

Traders can profit from a set of lines that enables them to tell apart a trend from a correction. This discernment is essential when it comes to adjusting our trading strategy to the current market condition. What is more, these easy to draw lines represent a thinking process aimed at the proper assessment of the Trend Division Line

What’s the Big Idea? – Part 1

What was the big trading idea in the past

Sometimes, when searching for trades, it pays to take a step back. If one formulates a valid long term investment theme, it can be used as a bias to trade for months (given confirming price action and momentum). An example would be the post we wrote about the Turkish lira back in October. That article What’s the Big Idea? – Part 1

Time For Business Insider to Update Its Numbers

David Einhorn follows a second "guy"

We would like to welcome our latest Twitter follower, the esteemed David Einhorn who is the founder and President of Greenlight Capital, a long/short hedge fund. We are honored, humbled and motivated to continue to strive for excellence through promotion of our Context, Momentum, Signal trading approach for all of our Twitter followers, but David’s addition Time For Business Insider to Update Its Numbers