Secrets To Better Trading – Video

Would you like to become a professional trader or just improve your results? What is your idea about trading for living? The mindset behind a successful trading career might surprise you. Process is more important than prediction. Repeatable work, that you do again and again, is the secret sauce of the trader. So, before you Secrets To Better Trading – Video

Why I Love To Day Trade

Large gate with a small door (illustration)

Markets. The place for surprises beyond imagination. Anomalies, panics, hysterias, chaos, manias and other extremes that are almost inconceivable. They happen just because humans think that they are in control, or take something for granted, and they lull into a false sense of security. Illusion of control that is. They think that the probability of Why I Love To Day Trade

Ultimate Edge Checklist for Traders

Trader Skillset's ultimate check list tells you what to look for in a trading system

Do your New Year’s resolutions include making more money? Possibly by improving your trading performance, or, perhaps, to transition your career towards trading? Good idea. The best advice we can give you to achieve those goals is to discover an “edge” in seven key areas. You might find these edges in a book, membership service, seminar or training course. Or you might not. You should be looking for an advantage, in the following areas, otherwise the system you follow is, quite frankly, inadequate…

How to Cope With Trader’s Stress

Eliminate day trader's stress pays out big time in performance

I just completed the 10K Christmas Run in Santa Monica, CA last weekend. My personal ambition is to fight my way back into competitive (age group) running; but, in addition to fitness, this activity also serves me in another way as a trader. To be honest, I was not always aware how much exercising might be an important performance How to Cope With Trader’s Stress