How to Handle Stalled Elliott Wave Counts

Last week we were looking for a continuation of the rally in the euro, which failed to materialize this week. As I write, it seems the Eurogroup is closer to allowing a Greek disorderly default. And, while that’s a possibility, that’s not what we are focusing on. Instead of focusing on fundamental developments, or only How to Handle Stalled Elliott Wave Counts

NZDUSD Trading Signal Was “Against the Odds”

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One core flaw traders make is when they use support and resistance levels, trend lines or Elliott waves alone – in other words, only “Context type” of ideas. Others traders fancy near term price action or candlesticks analysis alone, and they miss the forest for the trees by relying totally on the right side of NZDUSD Trading Signal Was “Against the Odds”

Into Laszlo’s Trading Room: SPX Failure Falls Short

The first chart today is from our April 13 S&P500 “sandwich” post, and it shows the actual path prices traveled in the last two weeks or so. This close match demonstrates how powerful Elliott’s wave principle is when it comes to understanding the price action context. Nevertheless we are showing this chart for two other Into Laszlo’s Trading Room: SPX Failure Falls Short

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